Figma and Hello Fresh App

Two logo’s side by side of the Figma Program and Hello Fresh Meals App.
These three are what you see when you first start up the app and get into the details. They ask for your information before you buy it.
These three pictures are what you see as to the details of each meal.
These pictures are snap shots of the app with in my phone. some of them are fuzzy because of the quality of the picture that it was saved as. These eight pictures are just a small portion of what the Hello Fresh app is all about.
The changes I made to the app are as follows: First picture with simple logo and a start button. The second one has a shop cart on it at the top. The third has a menu bar and a exchange buttonfor the ingredients.
The Animated menu bar was a bit tricky to make it work how i wanted it to act and connect to all of the other pages that i created. The second picture on this row has a favorites star to it, as well as a video option. These features up front make it more useful for the user to have at their finger tips with out having to go bak and forth or into settings to find everything. The third picture on this row is a better favorites option and menu with a new button to review the meal that was purchased or to remove it from the favorites list.
This last picture is of the meal history and it gives you a better option to either order it again or to select it and to read through it again.
This is the figma program that I used and in it you see a bunch of blue lines connecting everything together with how i want each page to act. This is what is called prototyping.
On the left you see the design tab with the prototype tab and the inspection tab as part of the software designed for the Figma program. This midle picture has the layouts tab with the assets tab which help with the creation and the design of what you want or need. The picture on the right is the icons to what helps shape, or shade or make things connect or become a component in the designing phase. All of these are important to creating an animated feature in your product.




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